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Business Advice and Solutions
Business Advice and Solutions

True business success is broader than just financial results. Find out how we help you build a Simple Strategies that help your business consistently succeed.

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"Hold the Vision and Trust the Process" . Unknown.
We help you design and implement Processess to help your business achieve its vision and to enhance productivity.

Business Process Design & Implementation
Business Process Design & Implementation
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Innovate & create realised Value by 'un-habituating' & focussing on Value driven processes . We help you drive process innovation and productivity to help your business stay ahead of the game.

Process Innovation & Value Creation
Process Innovation & Value Creation
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Stratezy for a year, created in a day

Get your power team together and set the strategic direction that will change the course of your business in our 'Stratezy-in-a-day' Workshops.

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Large Enterprises

Your large enterprise has numerous moving parts that need your attention – rapid growth, productivity challenges, product evolution, knowing your customers, staying abreast of technology, hiring the right talent etc. We help you design processes for each of these moving parts to make them scalable and support your growth. We also help you implement these processes, to make your business efficient and ezy to run today and future proof it for tomorrow !

What We Do

  • Process Redesign and Implementation
  • Process Innovation and Value Creation
  • Productivity Analysis and Improvement
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Project Management

Small Businesses

Developing your small business independently and managing 101 focus areas is a daunting task. We help you design strategies to take your business from A to B, where you Are, to where you want to Be. As your ‘Trusted Advisor’ we stay on the journey with you to implement processes and strategies to help you navigate through the maze and ensure you take your business to the next level. Most importantly, we assure accountability so you can see results !

What We Do

  • Strategy Advice
  • Financials and Profit Margins
  • Presence, Saleability and Scalability
  • Innovation and Market Differentiation

Why Stratezy?

Good Strategy is the reason why businesses succeed. Whether it is a sports team, a financial trader or a gambler – professionals have a strategy. With Strategy on your side, you don’t work for your business, your business works for you instead! Find out how you can have a great strategy too!

What we do

We help you build and implement effective strategies for your business. In essence, we help you get your business from ‘A’ to ‘B’ – where you ‘A’re to where you want to ‘B’e. What more, we stay on the journey with you until you achieve these results. Find out what we can do for you!

Client Results

Our clients surprise themselves at how easily results flow, once they have a strategy. With a simple approach that is as simple as ‘A to B’, strategy does become EZY! Find out how our clients have achieved business growth, productivity and more.

How we work with you

We give you the tools, we show you the target and we guide you to shoot right into the bull’s eye. We help you Create a strategy that works for your business. It doesn’t stop there, we help you Implement processes to make the strategy work. We take ownership of the outcomes.

Why Clients Choose Us

We are a small team of experts with global experience and local knowledge across various industries with a bunch of happy clients What’s more? We offer a ‘Satisfaction Assurance’, because we stay on the journey with you until you see the results.


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