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Developing your small business independently and managing 101 focus areas is a daunting task. We help you design strategies to take your business from A to B, where you Are, to where you want to Be.

As your ‘Trusted Advisor’ we stay on the journey with you to implement processes and strategies to help you navigate through the maze and ensure you take your business to the next level. Most importantly, we assure accountability so you can see results !

Our clients are just like you. Health professionals to Tradesmen, Technology professionals to Accountants, Creative designers to Real-Estate businesses….and everyone in between, looking for a Trusted Advisor.
Here are some of the issues we help clients with.

Business Growth and flexibility

Taking your business to the next level can be exciting if you have the right strategy to follow through the growth phase. It is a balancing act that needs you to focus on the growth trajectory, without taking your eye off the ball on keeping your current level of business stable.

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Whether it is extending new services, expanding your business to new locations, targeting a new client base or simply growing your business by increasing volume, we ensure you not only have the strategy but also stay with you on the journey till you implement it and get the results. Growth is not just a game of numbers; what appears to be the right level of growth for a competitor may not be the right level for you. Growth is key but should not come at the cost of losing the flexibility of doing what you like doing best, serving your clients and giving them the personal attention and care you pride yourself on. More importantly, it should not come at the cost of your personal time. A key to managing both is having a system in place that is replicable but not rigid. Growing your business is about multiplying the results and dividing the efforts. What are you multiplying in your business to grow it and what responsibilities are being divided up to maintain flexibility? Get in touch with us to discuss putting a growth strategy in place that focuses on more than just numbers. 

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Marketing, Lead generation, Client retention and repeat business

It costs 5-7 times more to attract a new customer, than to retain an existing one – Bain & Co research. We encourage clients to ‘Think lifetime Value, not onetime value’ to attract and retain clients.

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Establishing a client retention and repeat business strategy is core to any business that is focussed on revenue growth. We help our clients move away from point in time solutions. For some businesses, the biggest challenge is generating leads – for others, it is about servicing leads. Yet another challenge is ensuring that the clients that you have served remain loyal to you and not only give you repeat business but also recommend your business. All three need to go hand in hand, if your business aspires to grow beyond its current level. Do you have a marketing strategy in place to address the marketing and lead generation aspects? You might be doing a great job as a technician, but so is your competitor. How do you ensure consistent ‘stand-out’ results each time, so the clients not only remain loyal but rave about your service? Get in touch with us to discuss putting a growth strategy in place that focuses on more than just numbers. 

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Financial Management – Cash Flow, Revenue, Costs, Budgets

Understanding finances, setting and meeting budgets, managing your cash flows and keeping score of how your business numbers is one of the most crucial tasks in running your business.

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Cash flows are the point where reality strikes most small businesses; expenses seem to go out of control and the revenue, while its growing, still doesn’t seem to make ends meet. All of this can be avoided if you understood your finances and made it your ally. We use really simple models to educate and help you not only understand but also manage your business performance using finance as the scorecard. Next time you look at your numbers and either shove them away or shy away from them, Get in touch with us, so we can help you understand, analyse and actually start to like your numbers!

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Prioritising Competing demands

You know that spending time working on business planning is important but attending to the list of tasks for the day takes precedence; Being a small business owner, you don’t want to lose control of the day to day, but focussing on the big picture is crucial too.

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So how do you manage competing demands? We do believe that there has to be a method to the madness! Putting processes in place to prioritise is one of the key methodologies we help our clients with. The results that you can get, by simply deciding on what needs to be done when and by who, makes a huge difference to how you run your business. But this is easier said than done. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we help clients prioritise demands so they can achieve the first thing on their list i.e. ‘Getting everything done’!

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Focus on Business Plan, Goals and Vision

The most common answer than businesses have is either ‘No business plan’, ‘We did one to tick the box for getting our finance’ or ‘Yes, we did that at the beginning but things have changed, so we never actually implemented it.’

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Planning and high performance go hand-in-hand. And all it takes is three simple steps – Set your goals, set the strategy to achieve these goals and implement the strategy. Simple as it sounds, it is often the most neglected of all the business aspects. Some of us are really good at goal setting, but it stops at that. Others struggle with the idea of looking too far into the future when we don’t quite know what tomorrow holds. However, what we focus on is what we get! It is crucial to set the vision right, have an action plan and then actually take action. We help you crystallise your vision, create a robust strategy and most importantly, help you focus on implementing it. We see you through the journey, to make sure you get to the destination. Get in touch with us to take the next concrete step towards your business success – preparing and implementing a robust business plan.

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Recruiting Staff Vs Doing it yourself

You are the entrepreneur-manager-technician, so more than likely there is no one senior enough to delegate to. Even if there is an assistant, you do not think they can shoulder responsibilities as your 2IC.

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This is a vicious circle for small business owners and breaking it is the only efficient way to run a business that is much more than just a means of ‘self’ employment. On-boarding staff with right skills can be a challenge, which is why we help you build a proper case on whether or not it makes sense to recruit staff. We also help you understand what skills would complement and match your requirements and how to on-board and motivate your staff, not just by pay rises, rather through accountability and responsibility. Get in touch with us to understand whether or not it makes sense to recruit staff and to take the next step up from being a technician to a manager – entrepreneur.

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Systems and processes to support business

Systems and processes seem like an indulgence when all you need is to do it yourself or, tell a trusted associate what to do.

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Your inbox takes control and soon it is a case of ‘just lets get this done for now’ in a scurry, in the hope that ‘next time I’ll have more time to plan and it will be different.” This is not limited to just emails, it soon overtakes the way you run your businesses. Good business organisation starts with one thing at a time, even if you are the only one who will ever appreciate it! Start your journey today to put in systems that will for the backbone of your business tomorrow. Get in touch with us to discuss some easy ways to systemise your business.

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Reducing number of hours and creating a balance

So you can have the lifestyle you always wanted, whether it is pursuing a hobby, going on that holiday that you have been promising yourself and your family, or putting in place the exit strategy.

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The biggest and the most common issue that micro business owners face is being able to meet the excessive business demands on their time. We help business owners refocus on making the business work for them, not giving themselves into making business the boss and working for it. Having a strategy in place to make this happen is often the first step. But we stay with you on the journey till you actually go on your holiday – unless of course you want us to join too! If you are tired of working too hard and being stuck in the rut Get in touch with us to change the game plan for your business, so you don’t have to change your holiday plans!

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Your Journey?


A business that can run itself is a dream come true for small business owners. But if the business rules your life, it is nothing more than a job that underpays and overworks you. Let’s change this.What is your business,what are your key issues and where would you like to take it form here?
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