Your focus is to grow and scale ….           ….ours is to make it ‘ezy’ for you!

Your large enterprise has numerous moving parts that need your attention – rapid growth, productivity challenges, product evolution, knowing your customers, staying abreast of technology, hiring the right talent etc.

We help you design processes for each of these moving parts to make them scalable and support your growth. We also help you implement these processes, to make your business efficient and ezy to run today and future proof it for tomorrow !

We work with you on Process Redesign and Implementation,
Process Innovation and Value Creation,
Productivity Analysis and Improvement and
Mergers & Acquisitions Project Management

Process Redesign and Implementation

You probably have a vision and possibly a high-level strategy for the organisation. But do you have a well-laid out processes to help implement your strategy i.e. a vital roadmap to grow your business?

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Do all the teams in your business have clear sets of processes and a roadmap to get there? Are your current processes designed to help your business perform at its best ? Simple as it sounds, Process redesign to make the organisation efficient it is often the most neglected of all the business aspects. Our Process redesign and implementation services are the perfect solution to laying out efficiencies that are core to growing your business and your bottomline.

We review and audit your processes to ensure they are yielding the best results. We also help you implement processes. It might involve helping you filtering the top level strategies to day to day processes, reviewing, redesigning, communicating and implementing these processes.  Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you redesign and implement processes  .

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Productivity Analysis and Improvement

One of the easiest ways to increase your bottomline is to increase productivity. ‘Firefighting issues’ is one of the most common problems that reduce productivity and results.

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Having systems that foresee issues and resolve themselves before they explode contributes to productivity. Staff motivation is amongst the topmost reasons that impacts productivity. This not only increases margins but also makes processes efficient enough to consume fewer resources. Does your business have productivity targets? Has your business identified roadblocks to productivity? Do you have a strategy in place to increase efficiency? We help you with your strategy to increase productivity and efficiency. Defining what your target returns are, measuring your current organisational productivity, mapping business activities to identify where the roadblocks, laying out processes to fill in the gaps and most importantly, having KPIs in place to measure results, are all part of the journey. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you improve your bottomline, by improving productivity.

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Process Innovation and Value Creation

Process Innovation, before you see the need for it, is key to business value creation. Long standing habits and processes could be detrimental to asking new questions and innovation. Seeing problems for what they are & a constant drive to improvise are key to innovation. We encourage our clients to ‘Think lifetime Value, not onetime value’ and move them from ‘quick fix’ solutions to long terms ‘value creation’ solutions.

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When profit margins are being devoured by newer businesses with lower overheads, our clients find that one of the keys to not only survive, but to thrive is to achieve a market leader status. The key is to revisit internal operations and find ways to create value by improving or replacing old processes with innovative service delivery solutions. Innovation is not simply about creating a new product, it is also about being finding ways to innovate service delivery. Get in touch with us to help initiate process innovation into your business,  to help you stay ahead of the market.

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Change Management

Change is permanent and ongoing, whether it is change in your external market position or internal business structures. We help facilitate a change management strategy that is right for your business. Business Continuity and change management are crucial, whether it involves transitioning from one business model to another, a new product or service or a merger with another business.

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Businesses are made up of individuals whose emotional reactions to change vary from ‘excited to reluctant to averse’. ‘Surprise’ is one of the key elements makes individuals averse to change. Engagement is core to our approach to facilitating change; this reduces the surprise element and makes change almost smooth. Another aspect that shadows a transition scenario is overwhelm. To overcome this, we work with you on a strategy that chunks it down and makes it objective.If your IP(Intellectual property) and core knowledge is locked in the head of that one director or your technical expertise with the one person who has been with you since inception, it is time to review your business continuity plan and change management processes.  To find out more about our change management and transition strategies,so we can help you put in place effective strategies to put a continuity and succession plan in place and manage change and transition in your business. Get in touch with us, so we can help you put in place effective strategies to put a continuity and succession plan in place and manage change and transition in your business

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you are considering merging with a larger business for synergies, contemplating acquiring a business or wanting to exit your business to move on to your next venture, or creating a success plan so you can relieve yourself of day to day management responsibilities, we don’t just provide out of the box solutions.

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There is more to do than just formal due diligence or dollar negotiations. Learn more about how we can help you on aspects that may not necessarily reflect on paperwork. We sit down with you to understand the underlying drivers that are core to the merger or acquisition and help you make that most important decision for your business. Businesses approach us when they want to buy a business or want to be bought, to understand how to position themselves not just financially but also from analysing and understanding their core strengths that could set them apart and make themselves attractive to the market and be strong and sustainable in its core assets – its people, processes, systems, clients, good will etc. as it is financially. You want to ensure that you are getting intrinsic, not just transactional value. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you through sensitive and crucial decision making and get the best possible outcomes for your business.

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Business Growth and expansion

Taking your business to the next level can be exciting if you have the right strategy to follow through the growth phase. It is a balancing act that needs you to focus on the growth trajectory, without taking your eye off the ball on keeping your current level of business stable.

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Whether it is extending new services, expanding your business to new locations, targeting a new client base or simply growing your business by increasing volume, we work with you to ensure you create the right growth strategy for your business. Growth is not just a game of numbers; what appears to be the right level of growth for a competitor may not be the right level for you. Growth is key but should not come at the cost of affecting your current business profitability. A key to managing both is having a system in place that is replicable but not rigid. Growing your business is about multiplying the results and dividing the efforts. Get in touch with us to discuss your growth ideas for your business and start working on a strategy that focuses on more than just numbers.

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Your Business needs?

Be it Process implementation, reengineering, Strategic planning or achieving the target bottomline, clients approach us with a wide range issues. And they get outcomes that sometimes surprise us too! Read some of our case studies to understand our clients’ business needs and how we help address them. What is your business, what are your key issues and where would you like to take it form here?
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