Simple Strategies to get you from point A to Point B i.e. Where you ‘A’re in your business, to where you want to ‘B’e. In a nutshell, we help you build, create and execute effective Strategies that delivery business growth and profitability.

Why is a simple ‘A to B Stratezy’ Model a good idea?

Business Strategy is crucial, but it need not be complex. Strategy is often considered synonymous to a complex thought process, supplemented by even more convoluted implementation and execution. This results in a large number of small businesses not having a strategy as they believe they cannot afford the time and resources to have one. Even those small businesses that do have a strategy neatly file it away in the archives as it if often too complex and impractical to execute.

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Result? Alarming statistics about small business failure due to a myriad of issues ranging from cash-flows to lack of direction and everything in between, all of these springing from one core issue – lack of a simple but effective strategy.Why does you business need a strategy? Because you want your business to be a success story, not a statistic.

We are passionate about helping you create simple but effective strategies to help your business get from where you Are to where you want to Be.

So we decided to take a different approach, an A to B approach, one step at a time, to ensure you have simple steps to move your business forward, without getting lost in the complexity or enormity of the process. The idea of making strategy easy is to understand the big picture, but, where there are issues that appear complex, instead of magnifying issues, chunking them down. We reverse engineer the concept that anything complex is made up of a set of simple components. We focus on these core of these issues and help you come up with solutions that can nip away at the complex issue, one bit at a time.

As part of the ‘A to B Stratezy’ initiative, we bring a different perspective to your business, stimulate a thoughtful conversation,and hopefully stir up some big ideas that will be simple enough to take your business forward.

This is how we help you simplify complexity and make your business success easy and practical!

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To ensure the strategy is suited to your specific business in its specific situation, we take a 3Dimensional Approach.
– The ownership structure and size.
– The stage in your business lifecycle i.e. age of the business and
– The Key focus areas of your business that influence results.

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In other words, we help you create specific strategies suited to your specific business situation.Are you a micro-entrepreneur or a medium business? Is your business a new start-up or been there for a decade? Is your current focus on expansion or creating strong systems and framework, or is it client retention? We consider various aspects of the 3 Dimensions to help you formulate effective strategies that get you desired results.

The biggest issue clients express is their concern around whether we will ‘consult’ for a brief introductory period, hand in some templates and directions and then vanish into thin air. Actually, NO! Rest assured, that we will stay on the journey until you actually see the results.

Everything you do to manage your businesses, is a strategy. Some parts of this strategy are thought out and planned to produce results; other parts of fall in place without much deliberate planning. Either could generate business results. This is where we come in. Your success lies in being able to pick out strategies that are producing the results, analysing this, blending it with experience and knowledge and creating your Business Blueprint a.k.a. your strategy roadmap.

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We Help you CREATE

We work with you to help you create this blueprint, your Strategy Roadmap.
We help you understand your Business’s strategic profile, as it currently is and how it is influenced by your strategic profile. We discuss with you where your business should be i.e. the target position.
We then link these characteristics to what your Business’s Strategic Profile should be to meet your business goals and targets.

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We then Help you formulate a strategy that bridges the the is to should be.
We help you address the Why, What, How and What If in the context of each of the key elements .
We help you Execute

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What does implementing an ‘A to B Stratezy’ model for your business involve?

Effective strategies need more just creation – They need execution. We help you with the Execution Roadmap – so rest assured that you will actually see the results, before you decide to see us go!


We help you review each of the 6 key elements of your business that form the core to making or breaking a business.
The People – Customers, Stakeholders, Employees
The Process – Systems, services and solutions
The Presence – Your brand and your point of difference
The Products – Your products, services and offerings
The pecuniary aspects – Your business investment, returns and finances
And most importantly – YOU: The Entrepreneur – Your goals, vision and leadership strengths

Is this right for my business?

We help you build a strategy around each of the 6 key areas, and draw an an overall roadmap to lead your business to target outcomes. Working with us to create and implement a strategy, Clients are often surprised at how easily results flow.

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