Spending just one day every half year could make all the difference! We facilitate a unique Strategy themed offsite sessions for you and your leadership power team to conceive the future of your business.

Why are Stratezy-in-day workshops a good idea?

A good strategy is just the beginning of a success story. It is not uncommon and often too disheartening to see a good strategy in an impressive presentation and then duly filed away with other aspirational documents.
Successful strategies that see the light of the day that are not only created but also understood, accepted, and committed to by the people who will be held accountable for implementing them and have been explained to the people who will be impacted by them.

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In a nutshell, having a strategic roadmap to convert this strategy into an action plan is crucial to actually implement this Strategy. What is even more important is communication of this strategy and engaging your team in this process.

Strategy workshops are designed to achieve all of these objectives, so your strategy does not simply become an archive.

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What do you actually get out of these workshops?

Our experts will meet the head of the organisation, understand the current position of the business, the strategy, the necessary level of engagement and communication, and the outcomes required of the workshop. We also ensure we provide an opportunity to the key business leaders in the organisation to consult with us, prior to the workshop. This ensures high levels of involvement and commitment to the process by all leaders, making the workshop a success and paving way for smooth implementation of the strategy.

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To make sure you get the most out of your strategy day with your team, these workshops are designed to
– Crystallise overall business Strategy
– Layout where your business currently is
– Identify specific targets for where your business wants to be
– How you will get there / layout the plan to get there
– Agree on action items, time frames and accountabilities
and through the process
– ensure understanding, buy-in and commitment to make it happen and also have some fun along the way!

Follow up briefing and meetings are crucial to ensure that the action plan is being bought-into and executed. To ensure this, we also meet with the head of the organisation as well as the key leaders, after the workshop. This meeting includes a follow up discussion, check-in on the actions and new areas that might have come to light after the workshop and finally a reaffirmation of next steps.

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How long do these workshops go for?

The workshop itself, as the name suggests, is done in 1 day! The one day workshops are very focussed and aimed at busy executives and teams who already have an idea about the company strategy and would like to refocus and prioritise the strategic plan for the specific period of time.

If you and your team is doing a strategic planning activity for the first time, we recommend a more in-depth approach. Our clients also like to combine team building and development aspects into these 2/3 day workshop. We take these aspects into consideration and customise it to cater to your needs and spread the workshops over 2 days to give your team more time to soak in and absorb the concepts, as well as bond as a team.

Is this right for my business?

If you are a Small to medium sized organisation and either have a strategy or aspire to have one, your business is an ideal fit for these workshops.

The idea is to have top management / leadership team of 3 – 15 business leaders participate in this workshop. They may then filter the message through the organisation which may have managing teams of 1-100+ staff.

If you are looking to set the strategic direction for your organisation and map the future of where you want your business to be, contact us today so we can help organise a ‘Stratezy-in-a-day’ workshop for you.

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